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The Spartanburg SWCD's mission is to promote the wise and responsible use of our natural resources through education, demonstration, and technical services for the benefit of all citizens of Spartanburg County.


Because of the moderate to rolling topography in Spartanburg County, the only way to plant without

excessive soil erosion is through the use of the no-till planting method. A no-till drill works by placing

seed directly into the ground in one pass, without prior soil preparation. This process saves fuel and

eliminates exposing topsoil to wind and water erosion. Wildlife enthusiasts have also found the program

to be very beneficial when establishing food plots along logging roads,  transmission right-of-ways, and

other open area needing improvement. The Spartanburg Soil and Water Conservation District has a

Great Plains no-till drill available for rent to Spartanburg County landowners for $14 per acre and $12 for our affiliate members.

Please contact our office for more information on how to rent our no-till drill.


The Spartanburg Soil and Water Conservation District invites you to participate in the

effort to conserve our natural resources and aid in the prevention of soil loss here in our

county by renting our Great Plains no-till drill for your planting needs.


No-Till Drill Rentals

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