Around the Edges

We all have a few edges in our lives; whether they are the “back 40” acres that border our yard or just the space in the flowerpot not taken up by the plant, we can invite life to our edges. Here at the USDA Service Center, I am fortunate to have 2 huge windows that look out onto the loading dock, HVAC units, the dumpsters…AND the edges of what is mown around our garden. When I first started here, I would look out the window in search of birds or any life besides the scrubby, unattended leftovers from the lawn; I installed a bird feeder.

It is just a small place, the separation between by building and the parking lot of the one next door. But being inspired by the life the bird feeder has brought, I thought I could do a little work Around the Edges and bring the life of plants, insects, birds and maybe even an opossum to my window view.

Join me as we bring life Around the Edges!